Sauerkraut is not just a delicious food to add to hotdogs, it's super nutritious and has many health benefits. It makes for a great side dish for meat dishes, as well as vegetarian meals such as beans and quinoa. 

Before we jump in and discuss some of the many health benefits, it's worth discussing the importance of buying real sauerkraut and not the highly processed canned sauerkraut. In order to get authentic sauerkraut, make sure you look for a purveyor of specialty foods and search for authentically made sauerkraut. This sauerkraut will be made in the classic method with just cabbage, salt, and spices.

Now, let's review the different health benefits of sauerkraut.

Lots of Healthy Fiber

Sauerkraut is basically cabbage. And cabbage is an excellent source of fiber. Every health guideline will recommend that you have a lot of fiber in your diet. Fiber is helpful to reduce heart disease and can lower blood pressure.

Natural Probiotics for Gut Health

Sauerkraut that is made in the classical method is going to have a lot of natural probiotics. This is because the process of making sauerkraut involves natural fermentation. And eating fermented foods has a positive effect on the body's gut.

While most people associate yogurt with probiotics, there are actually many types of fermented foods. Fermented cabbage aka Sauerkraut, is certainly a great addition to your diet. It can add variety and is a good alternative to yogurt for people who don't care for yogurt but still want to get probiotics.

Sauerkraut Might Help Prevent Certain Cancers

There has been a lot of attention paid to the potential benefits of sauerkraut with regard to preventing cancer. In particular, studies have looked at sauerkraut consumption and its association with a lowered risk of breast cancer.

In general, cruciferous vegetables are known to be healthy. The fermentation that comes when making sauerkraut is thought to provide even more benefit than the cabbage alone.

It's Low in Calories

Unlike many foods, sauerkraut won't wreck your diet. It's low in calories so you can eat a lot of it and not add a ton of calories to your diet. Also, because it has fiber, it will fill you up. It's not calorie dense like peanut butter, sugary sweets, or potato chips.  So, if you're on a diet it's a great side dish for lunch or dinner to keep your calorie count low.

For more information on the health benefits of sauerkraut, contact a specialty food service such as Fermentools.