Summer is coming up. It's time to start planning for those outdoor events, especially weddings and graduations. If you're going to be celebrating one of those events, and you're in the process of hiring the caterers, don't forget about the desserts. If you want your event to stand out from all the rest, hire an ice cream caterer. If you've never hired an ice cream cart catering service, here are four steps that will help you get started.

Make the Event Flavorful

When it comes to serving ice cream at your event this summer, make sure you provide plenty of flavor options. Chocolate and vanilla are great, but when you're catering an event, you want to make sure you have several other flavors to choose from, as well. Talk to your caterer about including a variety of flavors, including one or two that are created just for your event. In fact, if you want to make sure your guests will rave over the flavor choices, have your caterer include a cold stone so they can combine custom flavors.

Avoid Allergy Issues

If you're going to be serving ice cream for your guests, make sure you take steps to avoid allergy issues. First, include an option that's dairy-free for your guests who are allergic to milk or eggs. Second, avoid ice cream flavors that contain peanuts. Finally, avoid providing any type of nuts in your toppings line. The inclusion of any type of nuts in your ice cream selections could cause serious health risks for any of your guests who suffer from nut allergies.

Think Cups and Cones

If you're going to be serving ice cream at your event this summer, you'll want to think about the cups and cones. You'll want to provide your guests with a couple of different ways to enjoy their ice cream. If you're going to be serving ice cream in cones, be sure to include waffle, cake and sugar cone varieties. You'll also want to provide cups or bowls for the guests who prefer to eat their ice cream with a spoon.

Prepare for Long Lines

When you're going to offer catered ice cream at your event, be prepared for the long lines. You might find that the ice cream is a favorite among your guests. To accommodate their needs and to keep the lines moving quickly, consider providing more than one ice cream station. In fact, you could talk to your caterer about offering mobile ice cream carts for your event.