Chips and salsa offer a traditional appetizer for many Mexican restaurants, but there are many ways to make this staple a bit more special. If you want to make your appetizers more exciting, here are a few fun options you can use in your restaurant.

Salsa Flights

Why settle for just one type of salsa? Consider offering flights, similar to the way wine and beer are served at some establishments. Offer spicy, medium and mild options, or choose salsas with unique ingredients to showcase these versatile dipping favorites. Pair each type of salsa with a different type of chip for a fun finishing touch. For example, you can pair garlic chips with a roasted tomato and garlic salsa, or get creative with fried won ton chips and chipotle corn salsa.

Spicy Salsa Challenge

Food challenges are staples of cooking reality shows, and you might be surprised to see how many of your customers would be willing to take on a spicy salsa challenge. Choose a salsa made from hot peppers, and challenge guests to see how well they can handle the heat. Consider making chips with a bit of spice to them as well to make this challenge even more exciting. People who successfully finish a small bowl of hot salsa with chips can win a free shirt with your restaurant's name on it or a portrait on the wall of challenge winners. Work with your restaurant staff to come up with a catchy name for the challenge, and advertise it on your website and menus.

Unique Serving Vessels

You don't have to use bowls to serve your salsa. Have fun with different serving vessels to create a bit of excitement during the appetizer course. Serve the salsa in a margarita glass garnished with a few chips, or serve it in a mortar bowl typically used to make guacamole and salsa for serving your best salsas. If you are serving large groups of people, get a bit festive with a sombrero made out of tortilla chips, and use the center to hold the salsa. Your guests can eat their way to the center, enjoying  a delicious, flavorful salsa along the way. With these unique serving ideas, you can make the salsa more than just an expected addition to the table.

Work with your kitchen staff to perfect your salsa recipes, and don't settle for just one version on the menu. Offer your customers a range of different salsa choices so they can pick the flavors they love the best. For more information or advice, contact a business such as Mike's Salsa and Seasonings.